Thursday, December 30, 2010

Savvy, NR, Tradisi.. Haishh Celaru...

First time Drive ke Melaka..
First time Duduk Luar or NR.
HIlangnya Tradisi Jebat..
Perasaan Bercampur Baur..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tangisan Seorang Kawan kepada Kawan-kawannya.

(Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship never ends. )
This time, the hearts speaks about the sadness and guilt about how it has mistreat its friends.

Lisa: I'm Sorry for not being there for you dear. I miss u so much, but cuti kali ni,
i mmg x smpt nk jumpa u.. You know i Love you.
so sorry sis.

Hizwan: Aku Mintak Maaf bebanyak weyh, cos ang bapa kali ajak aku set event, sekali
pown aku x dpt plan.. arituh aku kluaq pown, lupa nak ajak ang..
Maafkan aku Wan.

Ilham : So sorry for not contacting you throughout the holidays. The day I met you
at Qb, was the day i realize how much i've neglected you as apart of my life.
Sorry Ilham. :(
Azlan: Call ang pown x penah, pi umah ang pown x... Sorry sahabat. Harap hang paham.

Izzat: Jumpa berselisih dalam keta ja.. pikir2 balik, ang la paling senang nak jumpa.
Mintak Maaf Jat.

To those yang selalu call aku, x putus2 ajak lepak, movie, futsal, bola, badminton, karaoke suma... aku mintak maaf banyak2 andaikata cuti kali nih x berjumpa dgn angpa.. to my friends yg jumpa sekali dua ja, pown aku mintak maaf banyak2..
bukan xmaw, x boleh. bukan x leh lama, x dak masa..
Sorry Geng!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Defining Love.

"Love is a feeling of strong connection and attachment those are persuaded by extreme delight and admiration; dedication and devotion to each other along with affection and tenderness"

"Love is not a necessity, but it is life's greatest gift and luxury. It is to care, to be kind and patient. It is considered as perfect love when a person doesn't expect anything else but love."

"Love can be strong, yet so fragile"

Conclusion: Tah, I can't get the exact definitions..
I'll tell u what i think of love.

"Love Comes, Love Stays, And Loves Go"