Saturday, March 19, 2011

uttering words i rarely speak.

you may see i'm happy and cheerful. you may see i'm always there for anyone, but deep down, i too am only a human being, not perfect, not able to control everything... i can help people about their problem, and they thank me for it, but what about my problems? how do i get the solutions to my problem... huum...

i dont know how to express myself well... is that a flaw? i guess so... some things to me, its better for me to keep it to myself, most of the other things, i share it with my friends... so when my friends ask, ang ok x? of kos aku cakap ok.. i dont want to burden them with my sobb sad story.. about this or that...

thx mate for asking about my well being.... Once a Nadim, always a Nadim... Thanks..

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