Sunday, October 10, 2010

Perangai. X)

i've been to many places, seen different culture and different history, but what i like to see the most is the differences in behavior and personality in people.
i've seen people with great leader traits but has bad socializing skills.
i've seen people whom scores in their studies, with FLYING COLOURS (jealous much), tapi tak pernah nampak baca buku pown. 
i've seen people whose looks, acts and dress nerdy or bajet gud-gud gituh, haha. in other words, they really are good folks, but xsangka, geng2 nih la kuat minum, clubbing and other bad stuffs. 
i've made another research under the Sunnys List. Enjoy.

65% of the people i've met is consider normal in the public's eye. i say one in a 100.
Most of my peers and friends are this peeps.
: )

10% is semi-normal, which means weird but acceptable behaviors. i say one in 50,000 people.
If you really think about it, you'll know which friends is under this category.

15% is unique, meaning they have their own way of handling themselves or how they present themselves to the public. I say one in a Million.  X)
These are the people i love to make friends with, the ones whose not afraid to be themselves. 0% sense of hiprocracy at all. wherever, whenever, perangai sama ja. hahah.
2% of what observed are people who, cmne nak ckp ek, kira sekali pandang mmg langsi, sombong, kerek, arrogant, u name it, hahah.. tp bila dah lama kawan ngn diaorg, they are the most understanding, thoughtful, supportive, caring people you known. memang ikot kepala otak diaorg arr, kalau masuk air, diaorg nih la best lepak! Terbaik!

Amongst my frens yg kategori nih ialah Hafizi Omar (Subang), Rabbani Hadri (Keramat), 
Aslam (Penang), Khairi G!g!(Penang), Zulhairi (Penang), Hilmi Sufyand (Rawang), Rafiuddin (Keramat) dan 2-3 org lagi.
Geng2 nih la yg aku takkan lupa smpai bila2. memang susah la nak jumpa spesies nih dalam hidup aku. these kind of peeps are one in a BILLION. no scratch that, make that Two Billion! hahah.
8% lg korunk tawu tak ape? hahaha
those are the people yg mmg plain Crazy!!

The reason i've written this is to remind myself about friends. Dalam dunia nih, macam2 perangai kita akan jumpa, nak sebut satu persatu memang tak arr, hahah. The most important thing is, know which one is kawan yang sekadar nama kawan, kawan yg makan kawan, kawan yg betul2 kawan, kawan enjoy, kawan belajar, kawan yang support & yg paling penting kawan yg x sangka jd kawan baik.

Annuar Khir,2010

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