Monday, February 21, 2011

When the Heart Starts To Speak.

Take A good look at the Illustration above as it tells a lot about the man whose been writing on this blog...

The heart is only red in the middle , as the edge of the heart starts to fade into yellow, and soon the darkness.. the man's heart starts to reject love, and anything about love. He has experience things which leaves a big mark to him, until today. Heck, he even rejected the love of friends and family, because of high hope that the "true love" concept would make everything turned okay.

As the Heart Darkens, it spill dark Blood, instead of Red. It Means that the Blood turns black because it is never been given a new beat, a new will to live, a new pair of heart to beat with his as one. The heart spits out spots of blood, screaming help to dear God, so that He could find the heart a new friend to love and be loved.

Then, there's three arrows or more like a rail gun, blasting through the heart... The Heart has been shot down three times by few insignificant woman in his past, who doesn't really understand the man. They feel that the term woman, makes them the One to call it off, to cheat, or to make unlogical reason to take seperate path, as the man was never a cheater, never a player, never a liar, never a gonner, but only a lover. The man's heart broke 3 times already, not sure whether his heart could make it for the final journey.

There's only a few feathers left on the wings. and soon, it'll be all gone..
The wings symbolize the journey of the man, and from the looks of it, he's heart has had quite a journey, both far and unrestful, both pain and agony. Every single wing that the heart drops, was a sign of hardwork, commitment, tender loving, care, ALL turn to dust, what a waste.

Soon, the heart will make it's next flight, always hoping that the last stop, will be his last and final stop for a happily ever after ending.. Can the heart go all the way? or will it comes falling down from the sky, crashing into the harsh and cruel place we call the world? As the heart falls, would he be able to stand back up, or will it just give up??

Thats the story of my heart. I dont know if i'm able to fall back in "love".
I dont know if my heart is telling me, "she's the one", "she's attractive", she's staring at you", or "she' a friend"....
You may think that the man has someone, some one on his mind, you may say that the man looks fine, healthy and happy..
but deep down..... You'll only know the truth When The Hearts Starts To Speak.

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